Reengaging Your Inactive Subscribers

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If you’re worried you might be leaving money on the table with the less engaged subscribers on your list, you could consider a reengagement campaign. But first you need to understand and define what an “inactive” subscriber looks like for your company.

Subscribers who aren’t engaged look different for varying businesses. A retailer and an association will have very different criteria to classify unengaged subscribers. For example:

  • No opens
  • No clicks
  • Frequent site visitor, but doesn’t open email
  • Purchase online vs. in-store, or both
  • No action/opens for past __ emails or last __ months
  • Open emails but never click through

These are just the basics, but are a great starting point for crafting your reengagement effort.

Reengaging Your Inactive Subscribers

Do reengagement campaigns really work?
This depends on which stage of subscribers’ disengagement you’re deploying your campaign. If you wait until you’ve already lost them (so to speak), your success rate will be much lower.

But once you define the characteristics of an inactive subscriber for YOUR company, you’ll be able to identify characteristics that you can use to trigger programs that reel these people back in. This will require testing content, CTAs, frequency, templates – combined with non-email subscriber behavior (website visits, in-store purchases, etc.) – to craft the most successful campaigns that will begin to work before these subscribers are completely lost.

If you need help planning and executing an email program that keeps your audience engaged and produces results, we would love to talk with you. To tap into our expertise please reach out for a consultation call.

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