Key Email Marketing Metrics

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Key Email Marketing Metrics (+ A Few You May Not Have Thought About)

Do you know if your email marketing is helping your company reach its goals? Read on for some key metrics you should be tracking to find out where you can optimize your program.

List Growth Rate

Measures the rate at which your subscriber list is growing. You should be aiming to grow your list in order to extend your reach and expand your audience, as well as to cover the natural attrition that occurs year-to-year.

Clickthrough Rate

Measures the percentage of users who clicked one or more links in the email — especially good for those A/B tests. This metric gives you direct insight into how many people on your list are engaging with your content and interested in learning more about your brand or your offer.

Conversion Rate Key Email Marketing Metrics

Assesses how many people clicked on your link and took the desired action, whether that be filling out a subscription form, making a purchase or completing a download. This is an important metric to evaluate the extent to which you’re achieving your goals.

Bounce Rate

Shows the percentage of total emails sent that were not successfully delivered to inboxes. “Soft” bounces indicate a temporary problem with a valid email address, while “hard” bounces represent invalid, closed or non-existent email addresses. You should immediately remove email addresses with hard bounces, as this will improve the health of your email list.

Engagement Over Time

Tracking this metric will give you information on the best times of day to send messages. This will tell you when you get the highest open rates and click rates for emails that are not automated, so that you can optimize send times to maximize results.

Mobile Open and Click Rate

Use these metrics to learn more about your subscribers’ interactions with your emails. While you should always preview your email performance on mobile devices prior to deploying campaigns, high mobile open and click rates can inform how you design your emails moving forward.

Revenue Per Email

Determining this figure can help you easily figure out which emails are performing best and if there are any that are bringing down the total ROI of your email marketing. Optimize from here.

As you set up campaign goals, these email metrics will help you measure your overall success as well as help you make necessary adjustments to your strategy. Vertex provides top-quality email marketing systems that give you the power to gather valuable customer information to continually optimize and improve your subscriber experience — while positively impacting your bottom line.

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