Vertex has built our reputation on always taking a strong, decisive position against unsolicited email. We have never allowed spam, never bought or rented a single email address and we continue to be an industry leader when it comes to fighting email abuse.

In fact, we have taken a stronger stance on acceptable use of email than the very associations representing us, such as the DMA or ESP coalitions. And because we feel that current state and federal legislations don’t go far enough to ensure consumer protection, we’ve even taken a stronger position than what CAN-SPAM legislation requires.

Vertex is a member of the ESPC, BBBOnline, EU/US SafeHarbor program, and others. But we achieve the best results by working directly with individuals within organizations that are defining and creating emerging standards and new laws. As of July 2004, for example, Vertex has worked to influence and create a dialogue with the program manager within the firm recognized to be the key player in creating new standards for email vendors.

Unlike many ESPs with ancestries that often reveal less-than-pristine origins, Vertex has always paid close attention to timely legal issues, working with legislators and industry influencers around the country to provide products and services that meet current and evolving legal requirements. But what sets us ahead of others when it comes to the fight against spam is the vision and experience that helps us anticipate rules and standards imposed by ISPs, MIS departments and anti-spam agencies that are more stringent than state and federal laws.