8 Ways to Improve Your Email Deliverability

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Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective pieces of well-run marketing programs. According to Campaign Monitor’s “Email Trends Report: Mobile vs. Desktop” the average click-through rate (CTR) of an email campaign is around 3%, while the CTR of a social media post is about 0.5%. If you’re a marketer who is focused on driving conversions, email is the channel to use.

So, what is email deliverability? Simply put, it’s the rate at which emails land in your subscribers’ inboxes. Use our checklist of best practices to keep your campaigns out of spam folders.

  • War8 Ways to Improve Email Deliverabilitym your IP. When beginning an email marketing program, let the ISP filters know that your IP is trustworthy by sending small batches of emails to engaged readers. You can slowly increase the amount of emails you’re sending until you reach your peak volume.
  • Maintain a high sender score (senderscore.org). Every outgoing mail server has a score based on unsubscribes, spam reports and other email metrics. The primary reason your emails aren’t hitting inboxes is a low sender score.
  • Be consistent. Maintain your sender score by sending emails on a consistent schedule. Steer clear of erratic sending spikes.
  • Remove inactive users. Periodically purge your list of recipients who have not opened an email from you for a few months. This will reduce your bounce rate and increase your send credibility.
  • Establish a tight opt-in process. An optimized opt-in process keeps your list clean. You want to be sending emails to engaged users (see above) and a double opt-in will help with this.
  • Create a preference center. Keep your recipients happy by helping them control what they receive from you and how often they receive it.
  • Subject lines matter. Avoid using common spam phrases to land more often in inboxes. Stay away from words like: FREE, Act Now!, Buy, Order, Subscribe.
  • Send great emails. Recipients will interact with your messages when they gain value from and enjoy your emails. This interaction tells the ISPs that your messages are trustworthy and your emails have a better chance of making it into inboxes.

Real-time monitoring, in-app reporting, and monthly email deliverability reviews give you visibility into inbox performance. Our email marketing experts monitor delivery metrics, identify issues, engage with ISPs on your behalf, and provide recommendations for improved email deliverability.

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