Transactional Messaging

Easily create and optimize automated, fully trackable HTML transactional emails in the same interface used for your marketing messages.

Are you one of many online marketers who can’t easily create your transactional messages without asking your IT team for valuable time and resources? Are you unable to measure the delivery or optimize the performance of your transactional emails? Vertex’s transactional messaging offers a marketer-friendly, fully tracked, closed-loop online sales experience. Create, test, manage, and automatically send inquiry-triggered or confirmation emails that ensure a positive purchase experience, reduce your service costs, drive more revenue, and build customer confidence—all from your Vertex user interface.

Features Include:

  • Creation & Management within the User Interface: Reduce IT involvement with the ability to create and manage transactional emails in the same interface used for marketing messages.
  • Message Tracking and Statistics: Advanced delivery and tracking capabilities let you follow the path of your transactional messages from Vertex’s eMarketing Suite all the way to your customer’s inbox.
  • Fast, Customized, Automatic Sending: From basic order confirmations to time-sensitive shipping and stock availability notifications, enjoy “set it and forget it” convenience and dynamic content customization. Emails send automatically, within seconds.
  • Template Preview & Testing: Preview transactional messages with test data and test changes to your message content without affecting the live template being sent to customers.
  • Ad-hoc Sending: Quickly and easily send ad-hoc transactional messages to customers.
  • Subject and “From” Line Control: Subject and “from” line content are the top factors customers use to determine whether to open transactional emails.