Mobile Email

Scalable solutions deliver value at every stage of your mobile strategy.

Mobile devices are the ultimate consumption channel. People can buy music, watch movies and TV shows, read books, surf the web, stay in touch with friends, and read their emails whenever and wherever they want. Email marketers should consider how the mobile revolution can impact email campaign performance. How should the subscriber’s desire to read email across many different screens and on their schedule affect your messaging strategy and tactics?

Mobile Response Targeting

With Mobile Response Targeting, you can segment subscribers who have responded to your emails from a mobile device and target them with mobile content in future email campaigns.

Here’s how Mobile Response Targeting works:

  1. When you send an email to your general subscriber base, the BlueHornet system checks each open and click to determine if it came from a mobile device.
  2. A Dynamic Segment is created to automatically segment subscribers who have opened or clicked via a mobile device.
  3. You can send content to mobile responders separately from your general subscriber base—promoting mobile apps, special offers for on-the-go consumers, and more.


Providing content specific to mobile users leverages the instant gratification aspect of mobile context that can’t be duplicated on the desktop.

View Online for Mobile

With View Online for Mobile, you can optimize your existing campaigns for mobile consumption by creating HTML content that your subscribers can access via their mobile web browser.

Here’s how View Online for Mobile works:

Mobile devices demand a design that’s very different from desktop email designs. Designing for mobile is not just about re-formatting a desktop email for a smaller screen. View Online for Mobile allows you to gauge your subscribers’ interest in accessing a mobile version of your messages via an auto-detection device that we have added to the same View Online link that you use in your messages today.

  1. When you’re including a mobile version, change your View Online link to read “View on a mobile device or online.” This will prompt users to click to their browser to view your message.
  2. When a subscriber clicks the View Online link, the system detects if that request is coming from a mobile device.
  3. If so, the mobile message you’ve configured will appear in their mobile browser.
  4. If the recipient is accessing the View Online link from a desktop, the desktop version of the email will appear.
  5. Mobile clickers can be assigned to static segments in eMS for analysis and/or segmentation.


View Online for Mobile allows you to experiment with mobile messaging as time and resources allow. It provides valuable insight into subscribers’ mobile engagement with your messages, and it doesn’t disrupt your existing messaging strategy or workflow.