Our industry knowledge and experience provides customers with enhanced integrated solutions using best of breed technology and services. In addition to offering standalone services, Vertex also provides integrations for most AMS (Association Management Systems), CRM (Customer Relations Management) and SharePoint applications. Integration modules are currently available for the following applications:


Features and Benefits of Integration

  • Centric Approach to Data: All data starts and ends with your AMS. The integration eliminates the need to maintain membership data in disparate systems. Your membership data used for eMail campaigns is automatically synched with your AMS maintaining segmentations for targeted eMail campaigns.
  • Opt-in Integration: When members opt-out of eMail communications this information is updated within your campaign eMail account and back into your AMS in real-time. Maintaining opt-out information in real-time within both systems is critical to making sure you never violate the CAN/SPAM regulations. Even if a user imports data from an outside data source other than your AMS (ex; non-members information) our services will filter out these addresses during the importing process.
  • Activity History: Integration from campaign eMail account back to the AMS contact tracking record for each member to see which eMail communications have been sent via your eMail marketing campaigns.
  • Communications Profile: Vertex can create dynamic “Manage your Subscription” profile pages to allow members to update their communication preferences in the footer of all eMails or from your website. Communication preferences are captured into your AMS and your campaign eMail account in real-time.
  • Vertex ROI Tracker Integration: Using our ROI tracker, you can go beyond click-through tracking to determine the number of actual conversions, event registrations, membership renewals, and revenue generated by your eMail campaigns.