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A|B Split


You know you should be testing multiple versions of your email campaigns, but it takes too much time and effort.

Raise your hand if you’ve touted on-the-fly testing as one of the biggest benefits of email marketing. Now raise your hand if you’re testing your own campaigns on a regular basis…

Yes, testing multiple campaigns has historically been fairly time consuming – and most marketers have little time to spare. However, since it’s the most effective way to consistently generate the highest response rates, you simply can’t afford to skip the test.


Use A|B Split to send high performing email campaigns consistently and with confidence.

Vertex’s A|B Split feature reduces the time and effort it takes to conduct email campaign testing, so that you can quickly set up effective test scenarios and make confident decisions based on side-by-side comparison results. Take decisive action and quickly send “champion” versions to the rest of your subscribers.

Try This:

Perform Tests on Key Criteria of Your Email Campaigns

Quickly and easily create random samples from your subscriber segments stored in eMS. Test subject lines, message content, offer/call-to-action locations, layout, and sending time. Create 50/50 tests or dictate the percentage of test recipients and hold back a portion to receive the “champion” version of your initial test send.

Need more ideas to get you started? Try testing:

  • Headings / Greetings
  • Template layout
  • Placement of share icons
  • Long vs. Short Copy
  • Numbers of products promoted at one time

The ease and effectiveness of testing proves its value with every use. We encourage you to build A|B Split into your standard campaign workflow.