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Time and time again, marketers have an incredible grasp on the tactical view of email marketing. From processes and procedures to approvals and reporting, the tactical execution of an email program is key to success. But many of us have found that the strategic planning of an email program is one of the biggest challenges that exist in the space today. How do you move beyond the tactical and take a step back? That’s where Vertex’s Strategic Services team can help.

As a recognized leader in email marketing strategy, we work with clients on an individual basis to take those great lists of ideas and put them into a practical perspective that can be prioritized and measured to discover a true return on investment. Even if you’re not currently using Vertex, Strategic Services can help you formulate a strategic roadmap for your email program using your existing email platform.

Next Generation Lifecycle Marketing: The Customer Engagement Model

Central to our work is the perspective that lifecycle email marketing has evolved from the steps taken to drive a sale to a more meaningful way to build and maintain long-lasting, profitable relationships with your most engaged customers.

Now, rather than an email lifecycle, we see interactions with the consumer as customer engagements. Our Customer Engagement Model incorporates not only email behavior, but the social media and mobile behavior that deeply invests the consumer with your brand. We believe in and develop email programs that effectively engage the customer and drive them to higher lifetime value through increased relevancy as they progress from the acquisition to the influencer stage of their relationship with your brand.

Let us help you unlock the potential of your email program and merge your great ideas with strategies and tactics that enable you to increase revenue and customer retention.

Advanced Email Marketing Programs Made Easy

Deliver Higher Response Rates. Turn Customers into Influencers.

When marketers adopt advanced messaging tactics, they become more strategic and unlock the potential of their email programs. Effective email marketing engages customers and drives them to higher lifetime value through increased relevancy, resulting in better response rates and increased ROI.


It can be difficult and time-consuming to execute advanced marketing strategies. Research indicates that a majority of email programs are not yet sophisticated, and major brands still fail to adopt advanced programs that can improve the long-term value of their email programs. How can advanced programs be implemented quickly and easily, allowing you focus on the results that the programs drive?


Use Vertex Strategy Blueprints to implement sophisticated and effective email programs while reducing time and resources. Vertex Strategy Blueprints are pre-built email program creation wizards that allow you to quickly piece together an advanced email program through a simple step-by-step process. As you create and implement individual components of each program, the Blueprint will automatically track and indicate which pieces are complete and which ones you still need to do to complete your strategy. Vertex’s Strategy Blueprint programs are easy to implement, automated, and repeatable.

Vertex Strategy Blueprints in Action

Welcome Program

Studies have shown that a welcome series increases engagement levels with subscribers and customers at one of the most crucial points in the relationship. Surprisingly, research also shows that many marketers don’t have one in place. Use our welcome program strategy blueprint to help you set up and deploy an automated, three-touch email series which allows you to communicate important information subscribers need to interact with your brand, product or company. The welcome program blueprint will outline the program structure so you can quickly define the appropriate segmentation criteria and create the emails included in the program. Once you’ve completed the series, the program will run automatically until you make changes.

Win-Back Program

Subscriber attrition, or “churn,” is a problem for many companies—and one that most would like to fix. The Win-Back Program Blueprint is designed to do just that. When subscribers stop responding to your emails, it directly impacts the revenue potential of your campaigns. Whether you use content- or offer-based emails, the Win-Back Program guides you through the process of segmenting your subscribers and creating a multi-touch campaign designed to re-engage subscribers with your program.

Win-Back Program in Action

Social Influencers

Building upon Vertex’s SocialLoop™ feature, the Social Influencers Blueprint puts your email subscribers’ social engagement data into action by automatically segmenting your brand advocates and delivering specially targeted emails based on how often they share your email content on social networks.

The Social Influencers Blueprint can be used as a rewards program for your most influential email subscribers. You can outline 3 segments, or tiers, of social influencers based on how many times they’ve shared your email content. For example, you might choose to set up your social influencers segments as follows:

  • Social Promoters: have shared at least 1 time
  • Social Advocates: have shared at least 3 times
  • Social Evangelists: have shared at least 5 times

When subscribers meet the threshold for each tier, they are automatically moved to the appropriate social influencers segment.

Once you’ve entered your criteria for each segment, you can then design unique emails to send to your advocates based on their influencer status. When using Social Influencers as a rewards program, we recommend sending influencers progressively exclusive offers within each segment to encourage further social engagement, which can help you extend your brand reach while strengthening the relationship with your brand’s most valuable advocates.

Each message is automatically deployed as soon as your subscribers join your social influencers segments, saving you valuable time and resources you can use to implement additional strategic email marketing programs.

How to Do It

Vertex Strategy Blueprints follow a step-by-step wizard approach to building and deploying your program. Increasing the strategic value of email marketing has never been easier.