Deliverability Tools

A complex series of events occur between the time you send an email and the time it arrives at the inbox. Factors that contribute to these events include the recipient’s ISP, their email browser, mailbox settings, and their overall perception of your brand—just to name a few!

With so many variables at play, there are two important questions a successful email marketer must know the answer to:
Are your targeted emails making it to their destination? How can you be sure?

SureSend™ Deliverability Management Tools & Services

Vertex’s SureSend™ email deliverability management solutions combine high-tech integrated tools and high-touch expert consulting services to help you:

  • Learn the truth about your email delivery rate.
  • Establish tangible marketing benchmarks.
  • Resolve sending issues.
  • Achieve your email marketing goals.

Now the path to the inbox is no longer a mystery.
SureSend™.  Send with confidence.

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