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Is Email Delivery a Problem for You?

According to a Jupiter Research study, nearly one-third (31%) of email marketers surveyed said their biggest challenges were blacklists and SPAM filters.

It’s true that a growing percentage of permission-based opt-in email is being blocked or discarded, usually without notice to you or your intended recipient. The problem of legitimate email being stuck in filters is so real, in fact, that the email marketing industry has even given those emails a name: “false positives.”

If you think false positives mainly affect retail eMarketers, think again. Some of today’s toughest filters and blacklists are those implemented by corporate IT departments. So now, B2B and enterprise emailers face delivery challenges of their own.


Reduce False Positives with eMS and Vertex’s SureSend™  Email Deliverability Enhancement Platform

Vertex fights false positives with a “one-two” punch. One, our eMarketing Solution technology contains built-in tools to help you achieve consistently high delivery rates. And two, only Vertex offers the SureSend email deliverability enhancement suite to help you learn the truth about your email delivery rate, establish tangible benchmarks, resolve sending issues, and achieve your email marketing goals.

Early Warning Systems

Stop potential problems before they occur with:

  • Double opt-in security and affirmative consent tracking.
  • Domain delivery reports you can generate on demand within the eMS application.
  • A one-click SPAM rating tool that analyzes message content and formatting, then flags potential problems to fix before sending an email.
  • A “Report SPAM” link in every email to let recipients report suspected abuse directly, without notifying a third party.
  • Investigations into the email and data collection history of your potential partners.

SPAM Reporting

Vertex gathers the delivery information you need to know. We can:

  • Review SPAM message boards and Consumer Group Postings to spot problems early.
  • Investigate SPAM reports to determine source, accuracy, and resolution.
  • Report on spam filters, blacklists, and corporate IT blocks affecting your firm.
  • Offer SPAM reports to provide comparative graphs—how does your company compare?

SureSend Deliverability Consulting

Vertex’s email delivery experts provide in-depth consultation services that include the following: strategic report generation; email bounce trend analysis; online mailing impact analysis; recommendations and best practice information; issue mediation and resolution management.

Learn more about our SureSend email deliverability enhancement platform.

Make sure your emails reach their destination. Align your brand with the highest anti-SPAM standards in the industry.

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