Zip Code Custom Field Search

Zip Code Custom Fields provide you with the ability to segment based on location or proximity to a location. Use this function to locate subscribers within a specific radius of a single zip code, target subscribers within a radius of multiple zip codes or pinpoint subscribers within a range of zip codes.

Need to target customers within 50 miles of these major metropolitan zip codes 92101, 94102 and 10001? Take advantage of the Matches Any Radius filter to achieve this result. Or leverage other powerful filters such as: Zip Code Radius, Zip Code Range, Matches Any and many more to build highly targeted dynamic segments.

Product Tips and FAQs

Can I search for Canadian or other zip codes outside of the US?
No. Currently you can only use US (5-digit) zip codes for the search.

Is there a limit when using a radius search?
Yes, radius searches are limited to 250 mi.