Quick Send Basic Test Message

The improved workflows for leveraging Basic Test allow for multiple tests with fewer clicks saving you valuable time. These workflows were adapted from the already familiar Basic Test option within Recurring Messages. Basic Test sending is now available from the workflows for these message types:

  • Live Message
  • Standard Test Messages
  • A|B Test Messages
  • Welcome Messages

The existing Basic Test has been simplified. The three-step workflow has been condensed into two steps (Properties and Create & Send). Selection of test email addresses and the Message Rendering Report have been moved to the new Create & Send step and consolidated into a simple overlay screen. After sending you are returned to the Create & Send step allowing for multiple tests without being sent back to the previous Create step, as before.

Live, Standard Test, A|B Test and Welcome Messages all have a similarly updated workflow that allow a Basic Test to be sent on-demand from the Create step of a message. Select the required test recipients and a Message Rendering Report on the fly from a new, simple overlay screen. No longer is it necessary to navigate back to the Create step and select the Basic Test option. Send a test when it’s convenient for you.

Product Tips and FAQs

Q: Can I test personalization or link tracking with this updated Basic Test workflow?
A: No, as with the existing Basic Test these aspects of the message cannot be tested. However, Standard Test allows for testing of personalization and link tracking.