Numeric Custom Fields

Numeric Custom Fields provide you with greater control over your data by allowing you to perform operations specific to data that’s numeric. You can execute operations comparative number queries, number formatting and arithmetic modifications during personalization. Create the field and specify how you want the delimiters to function.

What are some example of numeric custom fields?

    – Loyalty/Reward Points
    – Last Purchase Value
    – Lifetime Purchase Value
    – Number of Children

Need to target customers with loyalty points between a 501 -1000? Use these fields to build highly targeted dynamic segments using these filter options: Equals, Is Greater Than, Is Less Than, Is Between, Is Great Than or Equal To, Is Less Than or Equal To.

Need to display European currency values or the number of points until a customer hits gold status? Use these fields to display valuable personalized data within your message. Leverage personalization tag modifiers to further refine the data. See the 12.04 Release Notes for more information.

Product Tips and FAQs

Are there any special considerations to using the feature?
Yes, if you are currently using a custom text field, as a number field. It’s recommended you create a numeric custom field, export the field data and re-import into the newly created field. Also for ongoing data management, any relevant API subscriber calls should be updated with the new parameters.