Release Notes

July 2014 (Release 14.05)

Import Update
Import subscribers has been refreshed with a cleaner interface, including simplified import selections, segmentation lookup and the addition of .XLSX as a compatible file format.

Sub Accounts Update
The Sub Accounts Message Approval screen has been updated with a new, cleaner look. Additionally, management of pending and approved messages has been reorganized with new date search and filter capabilities.

Message Stats Export Update
The Message Stats Export screen has been refreshed with a more contemporary look.
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May 2014 (Release 14.04)

Form Builder
Subscriber acquisition is key to any marketing program, but available tools don’t always make the process easy. This is a problem, but Paramount has created the solution, Form Builder. Form Builder is a tool that allows marketers to build, publish, and maintain multiple brand-compliant forms without relying on custom development or professional services.
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Quick Send Basic Test Message
Measure twice and cut once, as the old adage goes. The same principle can be applied to email creative testing; test, test, test, and test again! We have improved the efficiency of testing email creative by adding the Basic Test option to the workflows for: Live, Standard Test, A|B Test and Welcome Messages.
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API Updates

We are removing the <manifest> tag that appears at the very beginning of the XML response message for the Legacy.retrieve_unsub API method. We recommend your technical team verify the level of automatic response parsing currently in place and how it will handle this update. This tag will be removed on June 18th.

We are adding the <responseText> element enabling human-readable copy in responses. In the Legacy.retrieve_unsub API method, you will now see a <responseText> element included in the response. We recommend that your technical team verify the level of automatic response parsing you currently have in place and to determine how to ensure the new element is handled correctly. This change will be implemented on June 18th.

February 2013 (Release 13.02)

Zip Code Custom Fields
Do you need to reach out to subscribers in a very specific location? Or need to determine the number of subscribers in proximity to a certain location? Any industry that requires segmentation based on a physical address can take advantage of Custom Zip Code fields. To help you more effectively target your subscriber base, we have expanded the capability to allow you to segment based on Zip Codes that are stored in a custom field. Now you have greater flexibility in marketing campaigns to target segments within a specified zip code radius or specific zip(s).
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January 2013 (Release 13.01)

Deprecate “Months” Selection from Custom Search
Why did we deprecate months? We want to provide you the most expedient and accurate access to your data. Due to the occasionally inaccurate way Oracle was calculating months, we updated our interface to eliminate this option.
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Numeric Custom Fields
Are you looking for a way to more effectively segment subscribers using your valuable numeric data? Need to display highly personalized information in very specific formats? Then Numeric Custom Fields was created just for you.
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