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PDF Integrate Social Media and Email marketing to engage your subscribers, fans and customers at every stage of their relationship with your brand.

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Unique Coupon Distribution

PDF See how BlueHornet’s Unique Coupon Distribution solution makes it easy for marketers to distribute unique coupon codes via email for online redemption – at no additional cost. So, you can sit back, relax and be a revenue hero!

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Transactional Email Messaging

PDFLearn how to offer effective, digitally distributed coupon programs offering online or offline redemption. Developed by the BlueHornet team, this whitepaper offers important information about creating more profitable coupon campaigns.

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Why a Dedicated IP?

PDF Describes the benefits of using a dedicated IP address

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Coupon Distribution Best Practices

PDF Describes the benefits of using a dedicated IP address

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Social Media Guide for Email Marketers

PDF We’ve all heard that social media is a cocktail party — you’re there to meet and mingle. Your social media followers do not want to be bombarded with hard sell messages. On the other hand, when it comes to email marketing, consumer sentiment is crystal clear. The #1 reason they sign up for email programs is to learn about what you’re selling. Our new whitepaper, The Social Media Guide for Email Marketers, discusses the opportunities for marketers to increase engagement and conversion using the powerful combination of social media and email.  Download Request Form

2013 Consumer Views of Email Marketing

PDF For two consecutive years, BlueHornet has surveyed over 1,000 consumers across the United States to better understand their behavior and sentiment around email marketing. By surveying similar demographic groups and asking several of the same questions each year, we’ve been able to identify some changes that have occurred in how consumers view email marketing. And by including new questions for 2013, we can offer insight into possible future trends and behavior patterns that marketers may use to augment their existing subscriber response data.  Download Request Form

Mobile Rendering Whitepaper

PDFThe Third Screen: What Email Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Rendering

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PPT: 5 Things Email Marketers Should Do to Prepare for CASL

PDF Overview of CASL presentation in PPT format.

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On-Demand Webinar – 5 Things Email Marketers Should Do to Prepare for CASL

PDF On July 1st 2014, Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law (CASL), which requires an explicit opt-in for any CEM entering or leaving Canada, will go into effect. This impacts any marketer sending email to Canadian addresses. If you’re wondering how to navigate the new legislation, watch our on-demand webinar: 5 Things Email Marketers Should Do to Prepare for Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law. Download Request Form

Form Builder Overview

PPT The Form Builder Overview provides a great description of key feature and functionality sets, while also touching upon Form Management, Preview screens and additional set-up options.  Download Request Form

Salesforce Integration Demo

PPTThis deck is a comprehensive resource, describing BlueHornet’s Salesforce Integration. From installation and set-up to sending via Salesforce segments, the slides go into every aspect of messaging campaigns from the Salesforce tool.  Download Request Form

SocialLoop 2.0 Overview

PDF Enjoy this presentation, introducing BlueHornet’s new SocialLoop 2.0 Release. Become familiar with the key applications and differentiators of the offering, including set-up details, Social Posting and Social Apps.

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