Using Video in Email

Use in-email video to increase engagement and drive online sales

Consumers are adopting online video with blistering speed. All around us, marketers are jumping on the bandwagon by “video enabling” their programs to keep up with demand, but a big question still remains for email marketers:

Can video be added to email campaigns without compromising deliverability?

Historically, ISP and security restrictions made in-email video next to impossible, but today, savvy email marketers are once again working to push the envelope and successfully incorporate video into their email campaigns.

Join Vertex and Liveclicker in this cutting-edge webcast to learn what’s possible – so that you too can succeed with video email.  You’ll discover how marketers have used Liveclicker’s multichannel video commerce solutions to enhance their email marketing programs and overall e-commerce strategies.

You’ll also learn about:

  • The role of video in email – is there one?
  • When and when not to use video in email
  • How subscribers react to seeing video in email
  • Best practices for incorporating video into your email marketing strategy
  • Methods for including video in email and on landing pages
  • Limitations of video inclusion methods
  • Deliverability implications of using video in email
  • Video email on mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad