Re-engagement Campaign Recovers Over 10% of Dormant Email Subscribers

  • Three-touch win-back email campaign
  • Re-captured 10% of their target population back into their email program


Subscribers with jobs stop visiting the site Job seekers use the site frequently—often daily—when they’re unemployed and searching for a job. Once subscribers finds jobs, however, their interaction with the site drastically decreases. knew that hourly job holders change jobs on an average of every 9-12 months and that workers may need the resources on again in a short time. But how could they ensure site visits and maintain subscriber engagement with workers, even when those workers are currently employed?


Keep top of mind needed to stay top of mind with job-seeking subscribers on a consistent basis, even after they found employment. They also needed to provide content that was compelling enough to drive employed subscribers back to the website. Their program would need to be highly relevant to people in two different stages – those actively looking for jobs and those who are thinking about a change but are not actively searching just yet.


A “win-back” email program aimed at re-capturing latent subscribers

With the help of the Vertex strategic services team, identified three primary reasons why hourly workers begin looking for a new job. Since many of these reasons were addressed in themes that already existed on, they decided to tap into that content as a starting point.


The Content-Based Win Back Series



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