KFC “Doubles Down”

Combines Email and Social to Drive Increased Engagement

  • Highest open rate to-date
  • Over 12,000 shares in first 24 hours
  • 3M additional impressions
  • 29% website traffic increase
  • 3% of email sign-ups from Facebook


Capitalize on existing social momentum

Since the KFC began experimenting with social media marketing in 2010, they found surprising results: their email subscribers who had clicked on social sharing buttons in previous KFC emails had 70% higher open and click-through rates than the average subscriber. Once they recognized that their most active email subscribers were also actively sharing news about KFC on their social networks, they recognized an opportunity to find additional brand advocates.


Tap existing and create new social influencers

KFC wanted to turn as many existing email subscribers into social influencers as possible, and also needed a way to ensure that social influencers knew about and were participating in their email program.


A two-pronged campaign increases email engagement and social exposure


Step 1: Use Email Marketing to Drive Social Sharing

By capitalizing on the visually compelling element of their newest product, the bunless Double Down sandwich, they created an email with just a product shot and a simple call to action: to share the news with their friends via social media.

Step 2: Use Social Media to Drive Email Subscriptions

By using SocialLoop™, the social email solution from Vertex and Shoutlet, KFC’s Facebook page now drives 3% of all email sign-ups and the quality of those subscribers remains high. “We have grown our email database slowly and organically,” Geiser says. “That has really paid dividends for us. We have a substantial following and tremendous trust in the brand.”

Watch SocialLoop Video Demo