Global Hotel Alliance Uses Dynamic Content to Send 1000+ Versions of Loyalty Emails

  • Seven different languages
  • 1000+ variations of loyalty email content
  • Approximately 2,200 new members each day worldwide


Re-Defining Loyalty and Value for Affluent International Guests

Global Hotel AllianceWith almost 300 hotels, palaces and resorts in 52 countries around the world, GHA was challenged to implement a loyalty program that delivered unique value to hotel guests based on their rewards level (Gold, Platinum, and Black), conveyed the same level of luxury and exclusivity as members would receive at their hotels, and scaled across all of their properties—14 unique brands that have unique business needs as well as different internal systems, operating policies, and teams.


Exclusive, Individualized Email Experience

For each subscriber, GHA emails use dynamic content to personalize the level of rewards the program member has reached and the Local Experiences that await them at their achieved level. Pairing the individuality of each hotel property with the individuality of each subscriber’s loyalty tier level and travel preferences equates to over 300 different variations of email sent monthly to GHA Disovery subscribers. Combine that with the 7 languages that GHA caters to, and the email versions increase exponentially – to over 1,800 for some communications.


Over 1,000 content variations. Seven different languages.
One simple solution: BlueHornet Dynamic Content

GHA quickly identified that time and resource constraints would hinder their ability to successfully send 1,000+ versions of their loyalty emails. They needed to find a way to simplify the process. Vertex’s Dynamic Content tool offers GHA the ability to create one email that contains multiple areas of unique content for each recipient.

Since July 2010, GHA has accumulated 1.7 million members worldwide, with approx 2,200 members joining each day. And as GHA grows—adding more hotels, adventures, and loyalty members—Vertex scales with them, providing reliable creation and delivery of GHA emails around the world.

View the full case study to see their dynamic content in action and what GHA has planned next for their email programs:

About Global Hotel Alliance

Global Hotel Alliance brings together fourteen international luxury hotel brands: Anantara Hotels & Resorts, The Doyle Collection, First Hotels, Kempinski Hotels, The Leela Palaces, Hotels & Resorts, Lungarno Collection, Marco Polo Hotels, Mirvac Hotels & Resorts, Mokara Hotels & Spas, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts, PARKROYAL Hotels & Resorts, Shaza Hotels and Tivoli Hotels & Resorts.

GHA was created in 2004 and today is the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands. GHA offers an exciting alternative to the typical hotel “chain” experience. The regional member brands and each of their very individual hotels truly represent the culture, heritage and history of their locations, rather than the cloned hotels that have become the norm over the last twenty years. GHA offers hotels that differ from one another, but all of which offer consistently luxurious standards of product and service.