Rockler Automated Cart Abandonment Program Drives 2% of Sales

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is the nation’s premier supplier of specialty hardware, tools, lumber, and exceptional quality woodworking products. Founded in 1954 and on the web since 1996, Rockler has become one of the top destination sites on the web and an Internet Retailer 500 site. Products are sold through catalogs, the company’s direct-to-consumer website at and 3,0 stores.


Recover Lost Revenue in Abandoned Carts

Rockler recognized an opportunity to drive incremental revenue by remarketing to cart abandoners. Manual emails sent during an initial testing phase showed that an ongoing program could be a significant revenue driver. However, continuing to send the emails manually was time consuming and the process left too much room for error.


A Real-Time Automated Cart Abandonment Remarketing Solution

Rockler needed a way to send automated emails to site visitors who abandoned their carts. The emails would need to deploy in real time without “training” customers to abandon carts in search of a discount. Dynamic content would also need to be incorporated, to display specific products left in the cart, and the entire process should lie in the hands of marketing, allowing for easy updates and program growth in the future.


Integration of Intelligent Website Visitor Data with Vertex Transactional Messaging

Rockler integrated transactional messaging from their email service provider Vertex with website conversion service provider SeeWhy to solve their cart abandonment challenges. SeeWhy tracks individual visitors to the website and triggers a personal, real-time follow-up email marketing campaign when visitors abandon their shopping cart. Vertex receives data sent from SeeWhy and automatically sends dynamic messages based on data specific to each visitor. Results are collected and displayed in the Vertex system.


More Revenue, Less Maintenance

• Rockler’s initial abandonment campaign is currently generating 2% of sales.
• Open rates are more than double the rates Rockler gets from their house list.
• The email contains no incentives; rather, Rockler aims to reinforce brand value to encourage transaction completion.
• After initial setup of SeeWhy and Vertex, campaigns run with little-to-no maintenance.