Corporate Background

Vertex Communication, a leading provider of email marketing services, drives e-business success for organizations by providing permission-based (“opt-in”) products, personalized messaging, and services that help clients cost-effectively acquire new customers, build current customer relationships, and increase revenue. Vertex has developed several breakthrough technologies and processes that make this success easier and more cost-effective than ever.

Vertex’s Email Marketing products and services help to build measurable one-to-one relationships with our clients’ customers, website visitors, and users through electronic channels including email, wireless devices and more. Vertex’s products and services range from fully hosted ASP (web-based) applications to licensable solutions that an organization can private label and run internally, to full-service Campaign Management. Vertex products leverage the latest technologies including Open Source, XML standards, etc.

Vertex’s products have a proven track record of success in a variety of industries including restaurant, news publishing, retail, catalog, not-for-profit, and entertainment.

Vertex has consistently built momentum since incorporating in January of 2002. With tiny seed investments, the company grew based on a belief that bigger (at any price) was not necessarily better, thus avoiding the “dot com” feeding frenzy and technology collapse. The company avoided venture capital and additional outside investments in favor of self-funding and managed growth while building a large, satisfied customer base. The focus was on “doing it smart, simply, and profitably.” By steadily growing market share and avoiding any outside debt, Vertex has been able to focus on what’s important: creating great products, building high customer satisfaction and loyalty, and getting to profitability fast.

Vertex is headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. For more information on Vertex and its products and services, email > or call 240.215.4915.